Media coverage of Signal thought leadership

Our Principal Bob Pickard has been interviewed frequently on Business News Network with media coverage in several other broadcast and print outlets since the launch of our firm. This publicity has centered around the ideas and insights from Signal’s thought leadership studies and public opinion polls. On a recent BNN appearance, he was commenting on Donald Trump’s use of Twitter for his leadership communication, with lessons and warnings for business leaders wondering what they should be learning from the experience.

Bob was interviewed by Jonathan Erlichman at BNN, who subsequently wrote this story entitled “‘A lack of corporate courage:’ Why Trump triumphs over Canadian CEOs on Twitter.”

Signal had presence throughout this in-depth feature, including the following contributions:

“I think a lot of the chief executives have been reluctant to embrace social platforms because they have been fearful about risk,” says Bob Pickard, a principal with social public relations firm Signal Leadership Communication. “There has been a lack of corporate courage.”

A recent Signal study, conducted by Ryerson University’s Infoscape Research Lab, found that only seven of Canada’s 100 highest-paid CEOs have Twitter accounts. BlackBerry CEO John Chen stands out as a frequent user, but most of the accounts are far from active.

“Until the advent of Trump, most hadn’t realized the incredible power of the platform to convey communication and drive the news cycle,” according to Pickard. “And now they see political leaders using social media and achieving successful outcomes…in the case of Trump, winning the election.”